Ioannina clause, the 2017-04-01 switch

European Union flag at Bocca della verità
March for Europe, Roma, 2017-03-25

Today in the EU Council: «the new rule of qualified majority becomes compulsory». On April 1st, how ironic.

The Ioannina clause has always fascinated me, since 2002 or so when I think I first learnt about it. The idea is that a handful goverments can prevent the others from discussing something (for two years) if there’s the risk that they might otherwise agree on a decision (by qualified majority). A clear admission that we don’t want the EU to work.

And there’s still unanimity of course.

Let’s hope for the European Parliament Committee on Constitutional Affairs (Verhofstadt report)… Time to dismantle the Council as it is now, and make the EU democratic as a federation needs to be.



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